b'33Please use this Supplement together with your 2018-19 Bergquist Catalog to place your orders. !Swedish Dishcloths:70% cellulose/30% cotton; clean all kitchen andbath surfaces without streaking & odor.Wash in dishwasher or washing machine; bleach as needed.Made in Sweden. 80464-31 80466-40Flower w/Sparrow God Jul Green80466-4180466-52 80466-5480466-58 80466-68Green TreesRed Christmas TreeMulti Red TreesGreen Christmas Tree Blue/Red Bees80466-6980469-12 80469-15 80469-22 80469-59Yellow/Red BeesGod Jul DecorationsChristmas Dala HorseLady BugsLife is Good80469-6080469-61 80469-62 80469-63 80469-64Rainbow FIKASummerFlip FlopsGreen Plants'